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Applications in the IOMe Developer Portal empower developers to harness the capabilities of IOMe's services within their own software solutions. This documentation provides a succinct guide to effectively manage applications through the portal and know more about IOMe applications.
Creating Applications
Follow this link to get started with applications.
App Secret
In contrast to conventional developer platforms, where the APP SECRET is stored in a centralized datastore or becomes irrecoverable, IOMe employs PublicKey Cryptography to establish a cryptographic link between the APP ID and APP SECRET. This connection is derived from the wallet of the developer or app owner, ensuring a more secure and manageable approach.
Explore the Acquiring App Secret section to learn the process of obtaining the App Secret for your application.
More on Applications
App Logo, this visual identifier represents your application during consent and various operations.
Basic information, provide essential details such as the Name, Description, and Category to enhance user comprehension. Incorporate Tags for improved search engine optimization.
Onboarding criteria, developers can define onboarding criteria that users need to fulfill before accessing their applications. This customizable feature ensures a tailored onboarding experience.
Data Permissions, specify the digital attributes your application requires access to during user interactions. This includes permissions for seamless data exchange.
Legal Documents, include comprehensive Terms of Service and Privacy Policy documents to inform users about disclaimers, data usage, privacy, and compliance. Maintain transparent communication with users.
Any References, Offer a central point for users to discover additional information related to your application. Share Social Media links, Community platforms, insightful Blogs, and a detailed Change Log etc.

Carefully configure each element to create a user-friendly and informative experience. If you require further assistance, contact at