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Embrace a new era of trust and transparency as we redefine the way identities are managed and authenticated, heralding a future where users can seamlessly engage in Web3 experiences with confidence and peace of mind.
Introductory Plan
3,000 MAU (Monthly Active Users)free, $2/100 after
(limited period)
Personal datastore for all identity dimensions
All EVM chains (more chains soon)
Personalized 2FA options
Gasless transactions for all Identity services
Behaviour based digital role management
Introductory offer includes all the below capabilities:
Web3 and ZKP Authentication
OAuth Integrations
Web3/Crypto Wallet
Interoperability(single view of multi chain asset)
IOMe is a user-owned decentralized identity and authentication solution that lets users interoperate between web2 and web3 networks. It extends MOI protocol's identity infrastructure with zero-knowledge technology to provide easy, and secure digital interactions.